Wednesday, April 23, 2008

113 - connective tissue diseases mcqs part 2

  1. which of the following antibodies are most specific for SLE ?

a- anti dS-DNA

b- anti SS DNA

c- anti histone

d- anti Ro

answer is a . anti dS-DNA .

  1. anti nuclear antibodies are seen in all except ?

a- SLE

b- Systemic sclerosis

c- Morphea

d- Pemphigus vulgaris

Answer is d. pemphigus vulgaris is not characterized by anti-nuclear antibodies .

  1. keratoderma blenorrhagica is pathognomonic of ?

a- behcet’s disease

b- reiter’s disease

c- lyme’s disease

d- glucaganoma

answer is b . reiter’s disease .

  1. small vessels are involved in ?

a- takayasu arteritis

b- kawasaki’s disease

c- PAN

d- Temporal arteritis

Answer is c . PAN .

  1. commonest cardiac lesion in rheumatoid arthritis ?

a- pancarditis

b- pericarditis

c- myocarditis

d- endocarditis

answer is b . pericarditis .

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